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Store Drop-Off for Blockbuster Online DVDs in Testing

Blockbuster is currently testing in-store drop-offs for online DVD rentals in Colorado Springs. The Same Day Movie Guarantee program allows Blockbuster Online subscribers to return their online rentals directly to the local Blockbuster’s checkout counter and receive a free in-store rental in addition to the standard rentals awarded through weekly or monthly coupons.

There are some drawbacks to the Same Day Movie Guarantee program: 1) You have to go into the store to make the exchange. 2) You will have to return to the store to drop-off your in-store rental. 3) Blockbuster wants you to allow up to two extra business days for the returned DVD to clear your queue.

The advantage to this program is versatility. You may choose to return your online rental to the store or send it through USPS. With every DVD, you will be able to return it based on your convenience and movie-watching plans.

The program is currently available in the test market, which encompasses twenty stores in the Colorado Springs area.

Click here to read about the specifics of the program.

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