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Blockbuster Online Throttling

For those new to the world of DVD-by-mail, throttling is a practice where DVD-by-mail companies intentionally limit the flow of DVDs to subscribers who are on flat-rate subscription plans. That insidious, red industry leader invented the practice, but other companies have been accused of copying the greedy and sleazy tactic to maximize profits.

Are you a high-volume DVD renter and being throttled by Blockbuster Online? If so, please post the specifics here by clicking on Comments.

Make sure to include details about your subscription plan, past and current turnaround times, quantity of online DVDs per month, and any other details that show evidence of an intentional throttling pattern at Blockbuster Online.

Please note that slow service alone does not necessarily indicate throttling. Also, if you were not consistently receiving at least four online DVDs per week at some point, you have never been a high-volume renter and probably have not used your account enough to witness a substantial throttling trend.

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