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Blockbuster’s Not So Total Access

Blockbuster Online is changing their pricing structure. The most significant feature of this new structure is placing strict limits on free in-store exchanges for online subscribers.

Under the new plan, regular Total Access subscribers will be limited to five free in-store exchanges per month. Once the subscriber reaches the allowance for the month, the subscriber can then pay a discounted price for each additional in-store exchange. (This is unconfirmed, but it appears additional in-store exchanges will cost approximately $1.99 per DVD.)

Those Blockbuster customers wishing to have unlimited free in-store exchanges will need to subscribe to Total Access Premium. The Premium plan is an additional $7 per month.

What do you think about this new Blockbuster pricing structure? How does the new structure affect you? If you are an existing Blockbuster Online subscriber, did Blockbuster automatically grandfather you into Total Access Premium, or did you get downgraded to a lesser plan like Total Access?

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