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DVD Rationing: Blockbuster's One-DVD-per-Day Tactic

During the last couple of weeks, a new trend seems to have begun at Blockbuster Online. Curiously, Blockbuster seems to be shipping one DVD per day to some subscribers, regardless of whether they have one, two, or three empty queue slots.

For example, Blockbuster Online subscriber, Bob returns all of his DVDs to a Blockbuster store on Monday night. Even though Bob will have three empty queue slots for Tuesday morning shipping, Blockbuster might ship just one DVD to him on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Bob will still have two empty queue slots, but Blockbuster may ship only one DVD to him on that day. Finally, on Thursday, Blockbuster may get around to shipping out a third DVD to Bob.

This is not how the Blockbuster shipping system is supposed to work. Blockbuster is supposed to ship DVDs to you the day after you return each DVD. Blockbuster is not supposed to let your queue slots sit vacant for days at the time. Just because they try to appease customers by trickling out DVDs one at a time, it does not mean Blockbuster is released from the obligation to fill empty queue slots.

This rationing of DVDs is yet another way Blockbuster is trying to deceive customers into believing the company is living up to the obligations of their plan. Do not fall for this trick. If you have returned all three of your DVDs, you have three empty queue slots, and Blockbuster is supposed to ship three DVDs to you the following day. Anything less is a potential breach of contract in the form of failure to deliver purchased services as agreed.

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