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Blockbuster Subscription Cancellation Problems

Have you canceled your Blockbuster Online subscription? If so, did you have any problems such as incorrect charges on your credit card for extra months, lost DVDs, etc.? Please click on Comments below and post the details.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we are having a big problem with them. They are saying we did not return our last movie which we DID and have debited our account $21.00!! We have contacted them via email and received emails back stating that they never received it and therefore will not refund us. I work in law and have asked them how many people that deactivate their account get debited $21.00 (which is a lot of money with enough people)and that if checked into could be a class action suit. It may only be $21.00but if it is happening to a bunch of people, that is a lot of money. I also mentioned that being they don't have a return address, it is their word against mine. It was never returned to us so where is it??? I am totally upset and will not give up on this. Hopefully more will comment on your website and we will see how many people have been charged money for something that did not happen. Keep us posted. Anyone who has been through this, please post what happened.
Thank you.

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