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Responding to Blockbuster Online Shipping Surveys

Occasionally, Blockbuster Online emails shipping surveys to subscribers. These shipping surveys are generally about a specific title recently returned by the subscriber. The shipping survey simply asks the Blockbuster subscriber to report the date the DVD arrived at the subscriber’s home.

The concern is over what Blockbuster intends to do with this shipping data from subscribers. Blockbuster claims to be using this data to improve shipping times; however, Blockbuster could also use this data for negative purposes. Since rapid delivery of DVDs can actually have a negative impact on Blockbuster’s profits, subscribers have a right to be suspicious of Blockbuster’s motives. Is Blockbuster actually striving to decrease shipping times thereby allowing subscribers to rent more DVDs, or would Blockbuster rather increase shipping times to limit the number of DVDs a subscriber can watch each month?

Have you received shipping surveys from Blockbuster Online? If so, did you respond? How did you respond? Since the day of your response, have you noticed any changes in the speed of your Blockbuster Online service?


Anonymous said...

Yes. Responded accurately. No difference in shipping rates I average 15+/month.

Anonymous said...

Didnt respond nor do I intend to. Seems veeeeeeeery fishy.

Anonymous said...

Responded once accurately, then realized they aren't doing it for our good, so responded next time adding a day to the actual delivery time. THEN never responded again since I couldn't figure out which way to LIE in order toprevent them from screwing me. I.E. If I said it took 1 day to get to me they might take 2 days instead of 1 day to ship, or if I said it took 3 days, then they'd change my EXPECTED ship date to reflect 3 days rather than 2 days and then I would have to wait an extra day before I could report DVDs that didn't arrive on the Expected date (you can't report them until at least 1 day after the expected arrival date.

Anyone thinking this is for the customer's benefit is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Netflix does the same thing. Anyone that thinks they are trying to screw you by making you wait longer for a DVD, is an IDIOT! Clearly they are competing for business, and the business that can deliver the DVD sooner will probably win the war.

Seriously stop being such conspiracy nerds.

Blockbuster CEO

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