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The Party Is over for Charter Blockbuster Online Subscribers

If you are a charter Blockbuster Online subscriber, you will soon be losing your $14.99 three-out plan. In the near future, probably on your next billing date, your monthly subscription fee will automatically increase to the standard $17.99 price that everyone else pays.

The $14.99 price was guaranteed only through January 31, 2006. Blockbuster quietly extended the plan for a couple of months, which was probably a measure to retain charter subscribers while Blockbuster attempted to lure them into voluntarily modifying their plans to take advantage of the four-per-month rental coupon deal that Blockbuster launched during SuperBowl XL.

As a charter member, you will still have the option of using your two free monthly rental coupons for games; however, if you make any changes to your plan, you will most likely lose the right to use your coupons for games.

Be sure to check your account information on Blockbuster’s Web site to determine your next billing date. If you think $17.99 is too much to pay for your Blockbuster subscription, you can cancel your service before your next billing date at Make sure to notify Blockbuster that you are canceling due to the price increase.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I got an email and responded to Cust Svc. Next day I got a "We're very sorry but it's going up" email.

Anonymous said...

This site sucks, never updated

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