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Blockbuster Total Access Experiences

Are you using Blockbuster Total Access? If so, please post the positives and negatives of your experience.


Anonymous said...

Love the new Total Access program @ Blockbuster.
The new website is really good now.
Last year their website was a joke imo.
I switched from Netflix (user for 2 years) when I found out I could exchange my movies @ store ( btw when you do next one ships faster)
and get video games included every month (you get one or two depending
on when you enrolled).
So essentially I can get double the movies I got before and get them whenever I want and I get Playstation games too!
Since I have switched I can't believe anyone would want to stay with Netflix anymore.
Actually feel I should give Blockbuster more $ than I do. What
a change that is.
I also pick up used movies for kids
for only $5.99 through them.
With my new plasma tv and new PS3, Blockbuster completes the perfect
entertainment package.


Lori said...

I feel exactly the same as Mike. I was a Netflix subscriber for 8 years, off and on, and I can't imagine why anyone that lives close to a Blockbuster B&M store would continue with Netflix. I get twice as many movies, I get access to movies that I want to see on a whim, I get coupons for free games...that they charge the same as Netflix for these services is *insane*.

I'm hooked.

j said...

I wasn't tremendously happy with the involuntary downgrade from 8 at a time to 4 at a time but i figured with the total access program it would balance out. And for a while it did. Recently the turnaround on in store returns has run as long as 5 days before another title is shipped. I experiemnted with different days and found that if i mailed it back i got another movie in two days. in store exchanges took four, as they wouldnt ship until the item was received. This is apparently a throttling measure if you exceed some threshold for in store returns.
So now i rarely use the instore returns since it doubles my return time. however i still receive them faster than Netflix, some even come the same day they email me theyve been shipped. netflix can take two days despite its shipping center actually being closer. go figure.

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