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The Reality of Blockbuster’s Practical Plan Caps

As far as we know, Blockbuster does not have any official subscriber plan caps which actually limit the number of DVDs a subscriber is permitted to receive in any given time period. This, of course, excludes limits which are specifically established as the terms of specific plans (e.g., the cap on the LIMITED Through the Mail plan).

Official plan caps are not necessary, because all Blockbuster subscriptions come with built-in plan caps--or practical caps--which are imposed by the USPS delivery schedule and Blockbuster’s shipping days. Given that Blockbuster has limited full shipping days, your DVDs will most likely ship only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. This small shipping window significantly limits the amount of DVDs you can receive in any given week.

For example, if you were to maximize your TotalAccess Premium plan by exchanging all of your online rentals for in-store rentals the same day those online rentals arrive, you would not be able to average more than twelve DVDs (six online and six in-store) per week. In order to reach this lofty maximum, you would have to generally receive your DVDs the day after shipping, and here is where we find another problem: transit times.

Not all DVDs arrive the next day. Rare titles, old titles, brand new releases, etc. commonly ship from distant shipping centers and take longer to arrive. These longer transit periods increase turnaround times and greatly reduce the amount of DVDs you can receive in a week. Even if you are diligent about exchanging your online rentals for in-store rentals the same day they arrive, you may find it very difficult to get more than six DVDs (three online and three in-store) per week if some of your DVDs are taking an extra day or two to arrive.

So, there you have it. Limited shipping days and transit times are working against you. Even under perfect circumstances, no matter what you do as a consumer, your Blockbuster TotalAccess Premium plan has a practical cap of around twelve DVDs per average week. If your circumstances are less than perfect, you might experience a practical cap of around six DVDs per week. Realistically, you will probably find that you can average no more than ten DVDs per week on a TotalAccess Premium account, and accomplishing that feat will require a great deal of determination and effort on your part.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the heck they are doing at the distribution center on Mondays. In the last two months, my returns did not get properly recorded on Mondays half the time. As you all know, to get new releases for that week sent, one has to have vacant slots in the queue on Monday, and to have that happened, returns must be recorded by Mondays. AND THAT IS NOT HAPPENING!

Now I will have to sent my returns by Thursdays and hopefully get them processed on Fridays.

Blockbuster is making it very difficult to get one complete cycle (3 DVDs on the 3 out plan) per week.

I can double my disc count by exchanging the discs in store. But with the price of gas, that would cost me $5 per week and effectively double my cost.

I am not trying to get every last disc for my subscription. I just want one set of movies per week, and Blockbuster is making it very difficult to do even that.

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