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Just Say No to Blu-Ray on Video Underground

Blu-ray is a ridiculous format, and you should not be wasting your money on it. When viewed on an excellent HD entertainment system, Blu-rays do offer better quality than DVDs, but the difference is just not enough to justify all of the expenses and costs associated with Blu-ray technology. Besides, the world is moving to fully digital downloadable content. Blu-ray and all other video discs will be nearly obsolete in the not-so-distant future. You can read more about why Blu-ray is a doomed format on Video Underground, an Underground Syndicate site, in “Just Say No to Blu-Ray.”


Jeremiah said...

You can not be serious. A Blu Ray disc in 1080p on a high definition television is EASILY recognizable as superior to an upconverted DVD on the same television. You don't even need a 'high end' television to see that.

As for digital downloads have got a long way to go before they'll be replacing physical media. One of the biggest obstacles on the horizon is consumption based pricing by internet service providers.

Editor said...


Okay, you've established the picture is clearer. We all heard this in the Blu-ray commercials years ago. What substantial benefits does Blu-ray really offer the consumer? Please offer some genuine reasons why people need to be spending additional money on this technology.

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