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Here We Go Again: The Shipping Upgrade Excuse Is Back

If you are experiencing extended shipping delays on your Blockbuster Online account and you contact customer service about the issue, get ready for one of Blockbuster's favorite excuses. When you complain about delays, Blockbuster is going to claim they are in the process of implementing upgrades to their shipping process.

There is nothing new about this excuse. Blockbuster used it for an inexplicably long period of several weeks during the fourth quarter of 2009. This supposed shipping upgrade never really improved delivery much, but it sure did seem to slow down shipping for a while.

Here is the deal. Blockbuster is supposed to ship DVDs to you when you have empty shipping slots in your queue. If they are making changes that are resulting in shipping delays, that is Blockbuster's problem, not yours. If Blockbuster cannot ship DVDs to you when they should, they must compensate you with a refund, coupon, discount, etc. If Blockbuster tries to hide behind the inadequacies of their own system, demand compensation from them. You have a right to it, and Blockbuster owes it to you.

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