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Blockbuster Movie Pass

Today, Blockbuster/Dish Network announced a new streaming service to compete with Netflix. Blockbuster's new service, Blockbuster Movie Pass, will allow subscribers to stream video, receive DVDs by mail, and exchange mailers for DVDs at Blockbuster stores. The new plan will be available to existing Dish Network customers for an additional charge of $10.

There is no word yet on when or if the plan will be made available to those who are not Dish Network subscribers. Right now, it appears Dish Network is going to use Blockbuster Movie Pass as bait to attract new customers to Dish Network and retain the ones they already have.

Certainly, at some point, Dish Network will see the value of making Blockbuster Movie Pass available to all. Netflix is really on its heels at the moment. A really great service that offers DVD-by-mail, in-store exchanges, and streaming video at a competitive price could be just the thing to knock Netflix to the mat.

Unfortunately for Blockbuster, they are probably not going to act fast enough to take full advantage of Netflix's weaknesses and its furious mass of disgruntled customers. Those angry customers are going to cool down in a few months. If Blockbuster does not act right away by offering them a competing service at a competitive price, the opportunity will be lost, and Blockbuster will--once again--have missed the boat. Isn't that just the way things always seem to go at Blockbuster?


Nicole_Tee said...

I work for DISH Network and I’m glad to see you have our great news up. The Blockbuster Movie Pass packages 100,000 DVD movies, TV shows and games available by mail and in-store exchange, streaming of 3,000 movies to TV and 4,000 movies to PC, plus 20 extra movie channels. Starting October 1st his is definitely the deal worth having for new and existing subscribers of DISH. As for those who plan on not being TV subscribers, I know that DISH has something in the works that I’m sure will rival any alternatives.

bearbone said...

I bought dish network and got a one year Blockbuster Movie Pass. I will not be renewing. I get one DVD out at a time. The choices are limited to old movies, hardly anything after 2011. It takes at least 3 days to get a movie from them. They get the movie back on Friday and hold it until Monday to check it in and send a new movie. They have mailed me a movie on Friday and checked it back in on Thursday so I have not even gotten a movie for over a week. Their streaming movies I can watch on Dish Network. If I had to pay for this it would cost $10.00 per month. It is not worth it.

Nicole_Tee said...

DISH has made some new changes that have enhanced their services. For starters, Blockbuster Movie Pass is now Blockbuster @Home, they have added an eclectic amount of content from Lionsgate, Univision and CookieJar TV, and there are plans to add more.

In my experience with Blockbuster @Home, I get an email from Blockbuster @Home as soon as the post office scans my returned disc and then another email shortly after stating that my next disc has been shipped. I typically receive that disc a day before it’s supposed to show up (no complaints here ). When I realized that one disc wasn’t enough, I upgraded to their 2-disc plan on So far, this has been a great option for me and if I decide that two discs aren’t enough, I can always upgrade to their 3-disc plan. I hope some of the new changes are enhancing your experience with Blockbuster @Home because I know that they often have more content than I have time to watch!

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