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Blockbuster Online Customer Service: (866) 692-2789


Blockbuster's Toll-Free Cancellation Hotline

Contacting Customer Care by Phone from the Call Us Page

If you visit the Call Us page on Blockbuster's Web site, you might be surprised to see the following message toward the bottom of the page:

Considering canceling your online account? Please call us at 1-866-574-3888.

How bad must a company be when they have a special toll-free number for subscribers who want to cancel? Does Blockbuster have so many customers canceling their subscriptions that a special phone number is warranted?

Also, why is it that subscribers who want to cancel get to call a different number than the regular subscribers who are just having trouble but do not want to cancel. No doubt, if you call that cancellation number, you will be handled with a great deal of care and get special treatment. There might even be an offering of extra incentives to keep you from canceling. Maybe Blockbuster should just concentrate on servicing all of their customers instead of the ones who have become so incensed they want to quit.

Well, if you are thinking about canceling your Blockbuster subscription, you might want to give Blockbuster a call at (866) 574-3888 and see if they will kiss your butt and make a lot of promises to keep you as a customer. Maybe you can talk Blockbuster into giving you some free months or a reduced monthly fee. It can't hurt to ask.

If you do not want to cancel, and you just want to ask someone why your DVDs are shipping from hundreds of miles away, why your DVD was in processing for two days, why DVDs you returned to the store days ago have not cleared your queue, or why half of the titles in your queue have wait statuses, just call the regular old number, (866) 692-2789, so you can be treated like all of the other schlubs.


Anonymous said...

I called this number, still on hold, 30 minutes later .I have 300 titles in my queue but almost all of them are very long wait. I also have had the same cracked discs resent to me numerous times. Long delays for several yrs and I live in McKinney and most of us didn't even know they were moving the facility.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they just cut me off. Told me to call back later after 30 minutes on hold

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