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Blockbuster Online Positives

Blockbuster Online has some distinct positives. Here are the major good points.

In-Store Coupons
The single greatest benefit to Blockbuster Online is free in-store coupons. These coupons are a safety net for your subscription. If the DVDs you requested online don’t arrive in time for the weekend, you have the coupons available to save the day.

Promotional Coupons
From time to time, Blockbuster Online will give subscribers promotional coupons along with the standard, in-store rental coupons. Generally, these coupons are for free items or discounts on store merchandise, such as used DVDs, refreshments, etc.

Competitive Price
Blockbuster Online is competitively priced. (Do not be surprised if Blockbuster Online raises their prices as they get more comfortable with their market share.)

Multiple Editions
Blockbuster Online carries widescreen and fullscreen versions of many movies. They also carry special and foreign language editions.

Bounty of New Releases
Blockbuster Online stocks large quantities of new releases. If you put an upcoming release at the top of your queue before that DVD’s release date, you have a good chance of receiving it within one to three shipments from your queue. (Note that new releases in high demand sometimes ship from remote shipping centers and can take an extra day or two to arrive at your home. Regardless of the DVD’s origin, new releases almost always get returned to your normal distribution center.)

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Becky said...

Multiple editions is good, but sometimes they offer only one edition for rent and the other editions for sale.

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