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Blockbuster Adds Playboy Titles (Shhh.)

Question: If you’re Blockbuster and have a squeaky clean image, how do you offer Playboy titles on your Web site?

Answer: Very quietly.

Apparently, Blockbuster Online quietly added a few Playboy titles to their lineup sometime prior to the end of 2005. Currently, only R versions of these Playboy titles are available for online rental; however, Unrated editions are available for online purchase.

You can find these titles by searching for Playboy on Blockbuster’s Web site.

This is probably a marketing test. If the Playboy titles rent well, Blockbuster will certainly consider adding more. If there is a public outcry over Playboy movies being available at Blockbuster Online, Blockbuster will probably retreat and blame the moral lapse on some unlucky underling.

What do you think? Should Blockbuster Online offer Playboy titles?

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