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Blockbuster Offers Four Weekly Store Rental Coupons

During Super Bowl XL game day programming, Blockbuster will advertise a new option for store rental coupons. Instead of two monthly coupons for movies and games, new and existing subscribers will have the option of receiving four weekly coupons for movies only. (Games are excluded because they can be significantly less profitable for Blockbuster.)

Subscribers who were getting twenty-four coupons per year will now be able to receive fifty-two, which more than doubles the annual total of coupons awarded previously. The obvious advantage to the weekly coupons is many more store rental opportunities. This disadvantage is that subscribers will have to make four roundtrips to Blockbuster stores to use all of the coupons. (Subscribers using the two monthly coupons need to go to a Blockbuster store only once per month.)

Subscribers on the one-out plan will not be able to use their weekly coupons for new releases; however, subscribers on the other plans will be able to use their weekly coupons for any movie.

It is important to note that each weekly coupon expires at week’s end. Also note that if you currently use your in-store rental coupons to rent games, you do not want to make any changes to your Blockbuster plan. If you switch to the weekly coupon plan, you will permanently lose the option of using your coupons for games.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The weekly store coupon is why I chose Blockbuster over Netflix.

I notice that Blockbuster online splits 2-DVD sets into 2 separate rentals, whereas the Blockbuster stores naturally rent out 2-DVD sets as 1 rental.

So in an effort to use the coupons to rent 2-DVD sets in stores, I am wondering if anyone can recommend a website that highlights what DVDs are 2-DVD sets?

(I know one can poke around and learn this info, but I am wondering if someone has created a list meant for people like us who want to get at this particular information directly).

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