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Does Blockbuster Online Throttle?

Blockbuster Underground has been carefully monitoring Blockbuster Online’s business practices since late-2004. Specifically, Blockbuster Underground has been looking for evidence of throttling.

To date, Blockbuster Underground has found nothing that points to a practice of throttling. Even though Blockbuster Online frequently takes one or more extra days to turnaround some high-demand and unconventional titles, there have been no trends of unusual activities, delayed check-ins, or increased processing times.

The slight delays for high-demand and unconventional titles would seem suspicious; however, Blockbuster has always had problems getting these titles delivered the next business day, even for new subscriber accounts. The fact is Blockbuster Online was extremely slow when the service started. They gradually moved up to being a little slow, and they never progressed beyond that. Perhaps Blockbuster Online is now benefiting from the very low standards and expectations they created at the beginning.

At this point, Blockbuster Underground has found no evidence of applied throttling at Blockbuster Online, but this situation is being monitored closely. Any new information will appear here as soon as it can be verified.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... I have been getting my movies a couple days longer wait. But If I can still average 12 a month plus 4 more a month w/coupons... It's a no brainer!

Anonymous said...

This month I'll be getting 21 plus my four free in-store...I have a few secrets to combat throttling

Anonymous said...

If you like Blockbuster you will like this site too...

I use both. Netflix for most of the newer titles and SwitchDiscs for some titles I might have missed. You can also get CDs and Video Games.

Thought you might be interested.

robbie3600 said...

I've been experiencing much longer wait time between returning movies and Blockbuster shipping the next title. Even though I have 200+ titles in my queue the majority of them are listed as 'Available.' This slower turnaround has been happening for 3-6 months now. They used to ship out the next available title the next day after returning my DVD to the store. Now, sometimes, they wait up to a week before shipping out the next available title.

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