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New Blockbuster Site Is Down

Without warning, Blockbuster took down the new site this afternoon. One can only assume users encountered a swarm of programming bugs. Did you have any problems with the new interface while it was online today?


Anonymous said...

The old site, that is back up for the time being, is also experiencing technical difficulties now - with some returned movies not being deleted from the "Shipped Movies" list. Fortunately this display error does not mean that Blockbuster believes the discs are still out, so rentals continue unaffected.

Anonymous said...

New Blockbuster Site is UP, since just before Halloween.

The MyQ page loads extremely slowly but has nice features once it is done.

Anonymous said...

The new site is very slow on my WinXP Pentium III 800 MHz PC w/ 512MB. The old site was better performing in my humble opinion. I also find it harder to sort by member ratings in the new UI ... probably BB wants to spread the demand across the full library instead of just the most popular.

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