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Blockbuster Total Access Gives Subscribers More Options

Blockbuster Total Access is now in effect. Under the program, you as a Blockbuster Online subscriber have the choice of returning your online DVD rentals through the mail or directly to participating Blockbuster stores.

When you return your online rental DVD to a store, the store will give you a free in-store rental and open a new slot in your queue, allowing a new online rental DVD to be shipped the next business day.

The obvious advantage of the Total Access program is consumer choice. You now have options for obtaining and returning DVDs. You can now use whatever method best fits your viewing plans.

Click here to learn more about the program.


Anonymous said...

Our house tried the exchange today and it totally worked! We effectively doubled our week's rentals. Even the counter people couldn't believe the terms of this promotion and expressed doubt that it could possibly continue this way. But the posters promoting it were up, the help knew what to do, and we'll enjoy it until they change it.

Lem said...

I have learned to be suspicious of Blockbuster during the past year or so. My initial concern with Total Access was that Blockbuster would not properly mark my DVD envelopes as returned, and shipping of new DVDs by mail would be delayed.

I decided to try it out, and was happy to receive the free in-store rentals. But as I feared, the envelopes I returned to the store (at 11 AM Wednesday) did not clear out of my queue until 2 PM Thursday. And because it was after 2 PM, the new movies weren't shipped out until after 6 PM meaning they won't arrive until Monday (as Saturday is a holiday).

In effect, Blockbuster has baited me with a free in-store rental, but has taken away the number of DVDs I can rent via their mail service because of the slow turnaround of scanning the DVDs upon return. I suppose you get what you pay for, and when we didn't pay any more for the Total Access service, we all should have known our service would suffer elsewhere.

Editor said...

Dear lem,

Under the current Total Access system, as soon as the Blockbuster store clerk scans your returned online DVD during checkout, a shipping slot opens in your queue. This extra slot allows a new online DVD to be shipped from Blockbuster Online. The replacement DVD is supposed to be shipped out the next business day

The Blockbuster Online DVD you return to a store will generally take an extra day or two to get back to the distribution center. The online DVD rental will remain in your queue until it clears at the distribution center. This delay should, however, have no bearing on when your DVD shipped, because the shipping slot opened the moment you returned the previous DVD. If you watch your Movies Shipped list in your queue, you will probably notice an extra DVD or two on occasion.

There were some considerable shipping delays at Blockbuster Online last week. Hopefully, these delays will not become the norm. Also, Blockbuster is aggressively trying to convert store customers into Total Access customers. Perhaps the recent delays were due to unanticipated demand from customers.

Please track your rental activity and post whatever trends you find in the Total Access program on Blockbuster Underground. If Blockbuster tries to pull anything sleazy, it will be detailed on this site.

Blockbuster Underground

Anonymous said...

Starting December 19, 2006, Blockbuster Total Access (online) is giving customers 1 free video game rental each month plus the first month is free.

Sign up at
First month free with promo code 1557TA


1. Offer changes to 2-week trial beginning Jan 15 2007. 3 movies out at a time.
2. Members will be able to exchange online movies for titles at their local bb store for no charge. (online mailer/movie will work like a coupon). As soon as the online movies are exchanged at the store the next movies in your que will ship as well. YES YOU WOULD THEN HAVE 6 MOVIES AT ONCE WHEN THE ONLINE TITLES ARRIVE!!
3. Members will also receive 1 in store coupon every month for a free movie OR video game (even during free month).
4. Only $17.99 per month after the 1st month.

Anonymous said...

It's a total scam. Blockbuster has been throttling, or holding back DVDs returned 'n scanned into the store for a full 6 days now. These TexAss corporate weasels are pulling a massive fraud on consumers by falsely advertising unlimited rentals on their total access BS..

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