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The Mystery of the Vanishing In-Store Rental E-Coupon

If you are a Blockbuster Online subscriber and you are out there just wondering how Blockbuster Online might screw you next, wait no longer. The next benefit Blockbuster is taking from you is an e-coupon.

Some of you had been getting two coupons for free in-store rentals each month. Others were getting just one per month. Others were probably getting something else or nothing at all. Regardless of what you have been getting in the way of Blockbuster e-coupons, you are probably about to get less.

As part of what Blockbuster has called a service “enhancement,” many subscribers will be losing a monthly e-coupon. Those with two coupons might be downgraded to one. Those with one might be downgraded to zero. Those have not been getting e-coupons will probably get shafted some other creative way.

The bottom line is that Blockbuster Online is reducing benefits for some subscribers by withholding e-coupons. These unlucky subscribers will be paying the same fee for fewer benefits.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wondered what took Blockhead so long to act on this, given its trend of cutting service and raising prices. It was losing up to $16 on those accounts that were still getting 2 coupons per month. Not every one rents games with the coupons, but ones that do, Blockhead loses $16 revenue per account.

This is just another way Blockhead whittling away "unprofitable" customers.

Never a fan of Blockhead's retail stores, but the online operation was decent when it first started. Then all the plan changes; one coupon per month, then two coupons, then four but can't games, then back to one, then none at all because the online return envelope is now "the coupon". Meanwhile the subscription price up to doubled and the availability issue never fixed.

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