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Received at Store but Not in Cyberspace

When you return your Blockbuster Online DVD to a Blockbuster store, Blockbuster’s computer system is supposed to update your account immediately to record that you have returned an online DVD. Theoretically, as soon as a Blockbuster store employee scans your DVD into Blockbuster’s system, a queue slot should become available, and another DVD should ship in the near future.

The problem is, when you return a DVD at a store, you cannot always count on Blockbuster’s system to acknowledge the return. Even though you can stand at the counter at a Blockbuster store and watch a Blockbuster employee scan your returned online DVD into the system, sometimes the DVD’s status will not be updated in your queue. It would be fair to assume that, if your queue shows the DVD as not returned, one of your queue slots will remain occupied until the system is updated or the DVD is eventually scanned at a distribution center. This delay could last for days, meaning you will not be able to use your full subscriber benefits during that period.

To make certain Blockbuster’s system has recorded the return of your online DVD, check your queue after you return each online DVD to a store. If the system has recorded your return, a “Received at Store” tag should appear next to the DVD’s title in the “MOVIE(S) SHIPPED” section of your queue. If you have returned a DVD and you do not see the “Received at Store” tag, assume the system has not recorded your return. You will have to contact Blockbuster Online to resolve this problem or report it by clicking on the title’s “Report” link under the “DVD PROBLEM” column.

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Anonymous said...

When Blockbuster first started the Total Access program, some stores would update one's online queue right away, while others don't and one would have to wait until the discs physically get back to the distribution center and get checked in.

Eventually all the stores caught up to speed and updated all returns right away.

Impossible to belief that Blockbuster perfected the return system, and now it is not working again, except this is just another form of throttling by Blockbuster.

Just as Blockbuster wouldn't acknowledge mail-in returns in a timely manner, Blockbuster is not acknowledging in-store returns in a timely manner either.

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