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Blockbuster’s Availability Excuse Is Ridiculous

When Blockbuster fails to ship a DVD to you, their favorite excuse is that you do not have enough “Available” titles in your queue. This is a ridiculous and insulting argument. Title availability is clearly an inventory issue, making it Blockbuster’s responsibility. As a customer, Blockbuster’s lack of DVDs should not be your burden. You have no control over how many copies of a title Blockbuster has in stock. As a paying customer, you should be making the demands and Blockbuster should be supplying those demands.

If Blockbuster offers a title and a lot of people want to see it, Blockbuster should not skirt around the problem by making subscribers wait for weeks or months. Blockbuster should simply purchase more copies of that popular title. What’s the problem with that? Blockbuster can easily use queue data to gauge subscriber demand. If people are waiting months to see a particular title, is it not reasonable to assume this is a title that interests a significant number of subscribers? Shouldn’t Blockbuster be focusing on stocking the titles their customers want to see?

The next time you complain to Blockbuster about failure to ship a DVD to you and Blockbuster tries to put the blame on you for not having enough “Available” DVDs in your queue, tell them availability is Blockbuster’s problem not yours. Tell the customer service representative to go upstairs and wake up the people in the Purchasing Department so they can take care of Blockbuster’s ridiculous inventory problems, which happen to be limiting the subscriber benefits for which you are paying.


Anonymous said...

"Available", "Comin Soon", Movies still in Theatre, Movies never made in DVD, Movies never even made in VHS are all Blockbuster's delusional idea of what a website should be.

If you take all that away and just leave what they actually have ready to ship someone, I bet the website wouldn't even have a tenth of what it pretend to have, and would show what a Not Ready for Primetime outfit Blockbuster is, even after four years in operation.

Sadest thing is, millions put up with this level of service.

Anonymous said...

I have always been a big movie buff. I have been with Blockbuster for I would guess 20+ years. They started their Rewards Program; I got a free Gold Card, first mail program; 8 movie plan, Total Access; 4 movie plan. I was going to try Netflix because the mail program dropped the ball. Every e-mail I sent about something went unanswered except for some form of punishment. An example; I requested they allow direct access to upcoming movies. I explained what I had to do to access that information online and it would be so much easier if they just had the category. My reward for the suggestion was removing the access method I had figured out. I was a big supporter of their new systems because they were very responsive and to my surprise instituted all my suggestions. Now they have changed back. First they started with changing the subscriptions and I am now up to 37.53 a month, which I would not mind if they did what they claimed. I am suppose to have unlimited rentals. I have written them a number of times on the matter. After there are 6 movies in my shipped queue, even though they are all returned to the store (as indicated on the shipped queue), I will not get any new movies for up to two weeks. At first I thought; A) my store was not returning them on a timely basis or B) there was a problem checking them in at the hub or C) that to save postage they wait one or two weeks by policy to return them from the store. For any of those reasons I am being penalized from the FAQ one day shipping I pay for. Blockbuster will not confirm or deny. They write back saying nothing. I am sorry, and instructions on how to watch my queue as if I did not already know that. That is what I keep writing about. Therefore, I decided to look on the Internet for others who are having this problem and read that it is called throttling. They should not say unlimited, if it is not. They should just give a number of maximums per plan so you do not have to sit there and figure it out yourself and then write to no avail. Now that I have complained so many times, even with a clear shipped queue, I have only received two movies over the last two weeks. I am wondering if they punish you hoping you will quit or trying to teach you a lesson for complaining. Oh yes and I have over 70 movies at any one time with about 98% available, so there is no excuse there. I read Netflix settled a class action suit on this? Is that what it takes to get the promised results?

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