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Distant Shipping for Popular New Releases

If you have a popular new title in your queue, do not be surprised if, when Blockbuster ships it, it takes an extra day or two to arrive in your mailbox. It appears that Blockbuster sometimes ships popular new releases from distant shipping centers.

An innocent explanation may be that, when Blockbuster runs low on a particular title in one market area, they use their subscriber distribution system to transfer copies of that title from an area where the supply is abundant. This is an inexpensive way for Blockbuster to move DVDs around the country, but this method does mean more waiting for subscribers.

The good news is that you can get popular new releases from Blockbuster Online. Just be aware that if you have a new release in your queue and the status is “Short Wait” or worse, you may be waiting an extra day or two for that title to arrive after Blockbuster ships it.

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