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Wednesday Shipping: Blockbuster Online’s Weapon of Choice for Delays

In September 2008, Blockbuster Underground reported an apparent trend at Blockbuster Online.

Since then, Blockbuster has shown signs of experimenting with multiple delay tactics, but the Wednesday shipping delay tactic seems to be emerging as one of Blockbuster’s favorites ways to limit the flow of DVDs to some subscribers.

It appears Blockbuster Online has decided to ship few or no DVDs to at least some subscribers on Mondays and Tuesdays regardless of whether or not the subscribers have open queue slots. This delay tactic makes Wednesday the first normal shipping day of the week for some Blockbuster Online subscribers. Therefore, an affected subscriber could have all of his or her online DVDs checked in by Blockbuster on a Friday afternoon and possibly not see any replacement DVDs shipped out until Wednesday of the following week. Because of transit times, the affected subscriber would not actually receive those DVDs until Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or later.

At this point it is unclear if Blockbuster uses its Wednesday shipping delay tactic on all subscribers or just the heavy users. Regardless, there is a clear trend that Blockbuster is not shipping DVDs to at least some subscribers on Mondays and Tuesdays even though those subscribers may have had multiple open slots in their queues for days.

This Wednesday shipping scheme is the most flagrant and egregious delay tactic employed by Blockbuster since the company began its DVD-by-mail service in 2004. Look for Blockbuster to take more shifty courses of action as it continues to squeeze profits from its shrinking customer base.

If you have had any experiences with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday shipping at Blockbuster Online, please share your experiences here.

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Anonymous said...

I will admit I am a heavy user but I did enjoy tremendous service until late last year. I am a customer (I use that loosely) of Blockbuster Online for over two years, I have the three at a time with in store exchange plan, and thing have gotten extremely bad since September 2008. B'buster started slowing my shipments even when I have returned a DVD a full one week prior, they only seem to ship it on Wednesday.

But within the past month they have started to ship two movies on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Actually those nefarious bastards ship all DVD's on Wednesday (supposedly) and two would arrive on Thursday/Friday and the last one one arrive a day after.

I try to use the technique of trying to return all DVD's by Thursday night in hopes of getting some by Saturday. Since B'buster only ships two by Wednesday, I am lucky if on or two come by Thursday, and then I quickly pop them in after work, and return what ever they send late Thursday night. Gosh I hate B'buster.

BTW, this site is very informative, thanks for the return the DVD's by Thursday in hopes to get some by Saturday tip. It works most of the time and eases the pain of B'Buster trying to screw me for my hard earned cash.

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