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Alternate Blockbuster Customer Service Email Address

This is probably very temporary, but if you are having problems on your Blockbuster account, you might try reporting the problems to Blockbuster at This might not do anything for you, but you might possibly get some results. At this point, any sort of result is probably better than the responses you have been getting from Blockbuster during the last couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

For the first time in several weeks my queue cleared on its own. Yesterday when I exchanged my mail-in at the store, my at-home queue showed my exchange listed twice so I thought I would have to call again this week.

Thanks for putting this blog up. The only places that the problems were reported were on Blockbuster's facebook page and this blog as far as I can tell.

Editor said...


You're welcome.

Yes, the duplicate title issue persists. Blockbuster is aware of this, but they have not managed to get it fixed. It appears the duplicate titles are not affecting shipping of additional titles. It is as if the duplicate titles are not counting against the subscribers. At least that is some good news.

Anonymous said...
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