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What Blockbuster May Not Be Telling You About Account Problems

According to a verified Blockbuster employee, whose name will not be published for his/her protection, the problems you have been experiencing on your Blockbuster account are likely due to Blockbuster changing offices from McKinney, Texas to the Denver-area Dish campus in Douglas County, Colorado. This move has resulted in massive system problems, and Blockbuster is struggling to get these issues fixed.  From the looks of things, it seems like Blockbuster is doing more struggling than fixing.

You may have been able to get this information out of a Blockbuster employee yourself, but the fact that Blockbuster is not being proactive and up front about these problems is a sign they do not care much about their subscribers. All Blockbuster needs to do is send out an email to subscribers or post a simple notice about the system problems on the Blockbuster Web site. The message needs to appear only to account holders who have logged in and the unfortunate new customers who are in the process of activating new accounts. Just a little bit of information could be saving a lot of subscribers from a lot of aggravation and wasted time resulting from DVDs not being cleared, DVDs not shipping, delays of several days on responses from customer service, etc.

This current fiasco is a shameful moment for Blockbuster and reveals some serious management problems. Who knows how long Blockbuster will take to get these problems fixed? Even if Blockbuster gets these problems fixed tomorrow, the very least they should do is give every subscriber a free month of service as compensation for the company's poor performance in June and a second free month for all of the frustration and lack of communication with subscribers. If Blockbuster does anything less than give subscribers two free months of service after this debacle, Blockbuster's lack of action and poor performance will be unforgivable.


23things1librarian said...

I am glad that I found your blog! Otherwise, I would not have been informed about these issues. I have just ended a call lasting 35 (almost 36) minutes, 24 minutes of which were spent on hold. I asked the CSR why this information was not posted on their homepage, and her response was, basically, we are experiencing the high call volume because of that. They are, she said, having so much trouble because of the transition of the server/data. Really???? Can I have my cell minutes back, please????

Anonymous said...

Let them go down in flames. It's all their fault away.

Anonymous said...

I just spent 30 minutes on hold, and was able to get them to credit 50 percent on my next billing. It doesn't seem like enough compensation to me given the situation. Summer is the only time we get our monies worth out of our account. Why would they move their data center at what must be one of their busiest times? Seems like they're trying to give Netflix an opportunity to recover from their fiasco.

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