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Surprise Visitors in the At Home Section of Your Queue

Hey, remember that DVD you returned to the Blockbuster store two weeks ago? You almost forgot you watched it, but guess what. It just popped up in the At Home section of your queue.

Surprisingly, DVDs returned days or weeks ago are mysteriously appearing in Blockbuster subscriber's queues, sometimes as multiple copies of the same title. This is most likely due to massive system problems at Blockbuster. If this happens to you, you will probably have to call Blockbuster at (866) 692-2789, sit on hold for half an hour listening to awful music while getting excited every couple of minutes when hear a pause and mistakenly think someone is about to help you.

If you have an abundance of time to wait for someone to speak with you, you may eventually get to ask a customer service representative to remove the surprise DVDs from your queue. Note: If you try to fix this problem via email, you may have to wait for a few days or maybe more than a week.


Anonymous said...

I've managed to get coupons for 2 free movies and a $9.99 credit towards my next billing period by complaining to them on the phone and via e-mail. I'm still not happy, but at least they are trying to kiss my butt to keep me from canceling.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for a 2 dvd at a time, at first they are consistent. 2 weeks after, I ended up receiving 1 disc at a time. They said that they only receive 1 disc so they only send me 1 disc. Hello! I stapled both dvd envelop when I mail it back to make sure it will be received together and complete. I think this is a scam.... Sign up for 2 dvd at a time... Then u will receive only 1. Delaying the shipment makes you feel youre scammed and might as weel sign up for 1 dvd

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