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Bad Blockbuster Service in July

According to a Blockbuster employee whose name will not be published here, the current problems with Blockbuster's systems are so bad the service issues could potentially extend into mid- to late-July. It is simply baffling that Blockbuster is not getting out in front of this and communicating with subscribers. It is almost like Blockbuster wants all of its online subscribers to cancel in anger.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely unbelievable how bad their system is operating. With the amount of time I have spent complaining through emails, phone calls , and in store exchanges... they should be paying me. Oh how I wish that was an exaggeration!

Tulsa, Ok

Anonymous said...

Put my account on hold in March...for 3 months due to lack of new releases being available in BD.
Started back up in mid June and the problems are worse now!

Looks like hold time again.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing this is one of the few sites coming up with current search results. It would make primetime news if Netfix had a meltdown of this magnitude.

My local BB stores has been totally up front about the problem. More than a week ago store reps told me the recent data center relocation triggered the problem. They mentioned they were receiving many customer questions regarding failed queue updates. At the same time BB's phone agents were suggesting the problem was limited to a small percentage of users.

I've made 5 support calls in the last 2 weeks. (Email is useless) Hold times have been consistently 20+ minutes. It hasn't helped much. It appears only 1 DVD will be shipped this week. Another call to fix errors in returned titles.

Last week BB gave me a $5 credit. Yesterday I received free rental coupon. After confirming the status of my returns, my local store offered a free 99 cent rental. A free rental coupon should be offered for every valid complaint.

Tucson, AZ

Anonymous said...

I got tired of the hangs from the support lines and dish network was no help. Finally, I used my dish account (which was tied into blockbuster account for billing)to cancel my account. I got offered no credits, just a 99 coupon, it all was too upsetting and a waste of time to continue on with the service. I urge others to follow suit, simply because things need to improve and they need a wake call on customer service.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I suggest you try, no returns if you download and watch the movie.
Also, no Dish attachment necessary.

Anonymous said...

Uh, regarding the Anonymous reply on 7/05/2012 10:28 PM, I go to the trouble of renting BD disks to experience full 1080p video and HD audio. If I wanted 1080i video and basic digital 5.1 audio, I'd order movies from my cable provider. Obviously, you don't have the equipment to support a full HD experience, and that may work for you, but don't assume that the download option is satisfactory for everyone. uhhhh.

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